Erin Carter
Erin Carter
280 E. State St.
Athens, OH 45701
Mobile: (740) 591-2925
Real estate has been part of my DNA from day one.  As a newborn, my parents brought me home from the hospital to a house my father built with his own two hands in South Central PA.  At age 19, I bought my first home in my Virginia college town and my friends became my roommates/tenants.  This unique opportunity brought some of my earliest lessons on what makes a great property, understanding real estate finance and how to evaluate not only what’s on the surface, but how to dig deep to really discern the true value and potential of a home.
After university, I worked in fundraising for three large performing arts non-profits in Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.  It was through this work by day (and a lot of evenings!) that I really started to understand the art of negotiation and the finesse of relationship management in serving clients.  This proved quite helpful in scoring me some pretty fantastic apartments on a budget of zilch!
After a few years in the cities I found myself moving to Athens in 2010 when I married my high school sweetheart while he was in grad school at Ohio University.  I thought I’d be in Athens for less than 18 months, but it quickly became home.
During my time here in Athens, I worked in sales and partnerships for a local education company- navigating dozens of contract negotiations, exercising strategic selling practices and desperately trying to suppress the pull to real estate.  After years of scouring local listings, knocking down literal walls, flipping a house, chatting off and on with LCR about becoming an agent, consulting with others on their home dreams, renovations, décor, etc. I took the plunge and made it official. 
As a working woman whose home is always a project and a mom to three entertaining little girls (Gwendolyn, Sutton and Chapel), I understand well how important it is to feel settled, comfortable, At Home.  Whether you plan on Athens being “home” for 18 months, 3 years or forever, helping you understand the potential of a property or simply feel At Home in Athens is my aim and a dream come true.

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