Sally Linder
Sally Linder
Realtor® | MRP
LCR Realty
280 E. State Street
Athens, Ohio 45701
Cell: (740) 591-7873
Office: (740) 592-3015 x103
How it all started
I was fresh out of college when I bought my first house. That was the year I learned to love real estate and became equally humbled by it (or you might say bruised). That first house (money-sucking, hidden viper of an historic home) was way more of a lesson than an investment. I got out of it without too much damage, though, and went on to buy and sell another, then another, eventually finding that not only did I own a good bit of real estate over the years, but it completely owned me (you know, like your dog owns you). I became a homeowner, renovator, builder, investor, landlord—even co-author of a 23-year maintenance plan for schools in Ohio.  The remaining roles were utterly inevitable: Realtor, and finally co-owner of a real estate firm.

The jobs that help get the job done
It also turned out an unconventional career trajectory went a long way toward forging a solid, successful real estate career. In addition to all the aforementioned on-the-job “training,”, I have managed senior centers, been a magazine editor/publisher and served on the management team of an international business organization. Locals may have crossed paths with me at Ohio University, where I was senior director of media relations/university spokesperson. I have owned a marketing and communications consultancy. These jobs had me doing everything from building business plans to implementing software programs, to helping products sell, to serving on a critical incidence response team, to writing books. I am a few credentials shy of becoming an acupuncturist, so negotiating comes easy after convincing someone they need a needle stuck somewhere in the vicinity of their eye. 

Guiding principles and hurdle jumping
Learn, apply, learn, apply, repeat. In other words, always strive to be the most informed person in the room, to put all know-how to daily use for the people who rely on me and to build relationships with countless people who will help get to “Sold!” Also: Communicate. Listen and have respect. Stay calm and be kind. In these ways I try to be ever ready, because the things that crop up to interfere with a real estate deal are mind-numbing. Just a paltry few examples are figuring out how to get a deal done when there are multiple competing offers. When an abandoned mine shows up on the property someone advertised as “pristine.” When loans that start out fine suddenly go off the rails. When a troubling home inspection report threatens to annihilate the deal. When a survey shows that the garage is actually hanging over on the neighbor’s lot. When unexpected problems in title searches threaten to prevent the property sale. Or maybe even a disappearing foundation (Wait, what? Yeah, ask me about that one some day.) 

A Community Connection
All this happens not just in the real estate world but in the real world, our community. I work in the beautiful Appalachian region across multiple counties (Athens, Meigs, Washington, Vinton and a few others on occasion). As the lovely Joe Burrow made obvious, though, this area also has need. So giving back--whether by volunteering, serving on a board, donating or passing along knowledge--is a constant imperative to me. 

How I unwind 
If I can roller blade, hike, quilt, read, paddle, hang with the interesting people in this treasured region, do some yoga, track down wildflowers, or laugh with my family, I consider it a wonderful time.

The money shot
None of this makes a difference if it does not yield results. I am glad to say that I, along with the Don Linder Sales Team, have consistently been in the top tier of the region for the number of successful sales for buyers and sellers. In good and bad times, in seller and buyer markets, in every season, every year. Check out my online reviews for what the amazing people who I have had the honor of working with have to say. Choose me, and I promise to earn the privilege.  

A few other pertinent facts:

  • Resident of southeast Ohio since 1991
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors, Ohio Association of Realtors and Athens County Board of Realtors
  • Military Relocation Professional
  • Member, Ohio Association of Realtors Forms Committee
  • Member, Athens County Board of Realtors Forms Committee 
  • Board member (previous): Rural Action, Ohio University Kennedy Museum of Art, Dairy Barn Arts Center, Friends of the Athens Public Library
  • Published author and editor
  • Co-owner, LCR Realty (formerly Larry Conrath Realty)