Our Services
Our Services


Market Analysis- Our full time agents know this market inside and out, and they are gifted at determining what the very best listing price for your property should be. This is an art, and we are the area’s artists!

Estimated Proceeds- We will furnish you with an estimate of the proceeds you can expect upon the sale of your home. No one likes surprises, so we figure that up front, if you like.

Tips For Selling- Presentation is everything, and we know the nuances of what works. We keep very current on those trends. It’s difficult to over-stress how important this step is in the sales process. It can mean the difference of thousands in proceeds on the day of sale. So we will review your property with you to determine how to enhance your home's marketability.

Property Information- We’ve seen the boring descriptions that are common in real estate. They are not for us. We try to nail what is really unique and purchase-worthy about your property, and make sure the buyer is compelled when they read the description..

Sign UP- e-Merge Real Estate has invested in making everything in our brand stand out. That means our sign standing before your property shows you work with the best.

Progress Reports- By this we mean communication. We won’t keep you in the dark. We check in on a regular basis to convey where things stand and to strategize about next steps. 

Purchase Offer- We will review in detail with you all purchase offers as they are presented and assist you in all negotiations. Upon agreement and acceptance of an offer, we will monitor the progress of the purchase agreement and help keep you informed during the entire transaction through settlement/closing.

Resources Galore – It won’t take you long to realize that we are a full service agency. By that, we mean that we make sure every resource you need to be successful is at your fingertips. And we are on the ground working hard so you can get on with your life while your property is listed, under contract and at the closing table. If you read our testimonials, you’ll understand what we mean. Quality is all in the details, and that’s where we excel.

Relocation Assistance- We will provide you with details about our relocation services which are available to you at no cost, regardless of where you are moving. Or we might help you get situated on a temporary basis. We are your relocation partner.

A Place To Get Answers – e-Merge Real Estate is the cure for “hold for the next operator.” Our agents have offices at our award-winning art deco building on East State St. in Athens, and you can always count on being able to make an appointment, speak with someone in person and get any question answered. That being said, when you’d rather have a text, sign documents electronically from Hong Kong, or get data analysis explained, we’re your tech team, too.