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The History of The Home Team

The History of LCR and the Home Team

In 2016, we took the bold leap to the next chapter in the history of this storied agency. Beginning April 1, 2016, we shortened our business name (dba) from Larry Conrath Realty to LCR Realty, and updated our look to one that is fresher, easier for you, and more reflective of our standard of excellence. 


Shortening a name may not seem dramatic, but it means less key strokes every time you visit our site or e-mail an agent. It means quick recognition. It conveniently also stands for what our services cover: Land, Commercial--and our signature standout--Residential sales. And really, people have long referred to us as LCR anyway, so you guided us to this logical next step. 

Along with that name came a bolder, design-forward look that matches our dedication to quality. You’ll see our familiar house-like logo and general look, but the colors are bright and the lettering is bolder, cleaner--with more punch. That means the yard sign in front of your property will stand out even more to grab attention of buyers. Our Web site is simpler than ever to use (whether you are on a mobile device or your home computer) when you want to get to info in seconds, also thanks to thoughtful design. That segues into a big thanks to designer Sarah Warda for really understanding what we needed, then nailing it with aplomb and talent.


Name change aside, LCR Realty has always been in the top tier of agencies in our region, and not just because of our stunning sales stats, though we admit they are shiny bright year after year! But we prefer you know us by the sum of all the details we take care of your behalf. We combine the best of new and old school to give you every advantage possible when buying or selling. We can rapid-fire text or plumb a host of databases for info that helps set the value of your home, so we are techies when need be. In an age when most businesses send you to the Web for FAQs that don’t quite fit your problem, however, or spiral you down an endless loop of phone prompts, we are here in person, across the table or at your property when you need us. We answer not some, but all questions. We take care of not some, but all, the tedious, sometimes seemingly impossible steps to get to that signature on the bottom line. 


And now for roots. LCR Realty started out as Larry Conrath Realty in 1972—making it one of the longest-established agencies in southeast Ohio. At that time, the company was little more than a small office located in Athens on Stimson Avenue with a phone, an address book, and a desk, but it was endlessly innovative. People got to know us as the HOME TEAM. 

More than four decades later, in its signature historic Art Deco offices at 280 East State Street, the LCR Realty Home Team has a full house of licensed real estate agents, all headed up by current broker/owner Don Linder and owner/COO Sally Linder. Not the type to sit back, we are immersed in real estate every day, not afraid to get our boots caked with mud or suit up, depending on what the occasion dictates. And we are backed by largely full-time agents who are, frankly, epic. See their bios for just how multi-talented and deeply experienced they are. These are truly outstanding Realtors, and sales award weigh down their walls to prove it.


We invest liberally in what matters to your success, whether that is technology tools, training, advertising, or smart work space. And we pay forward always. The company foundation was, is and always will be community. We cannot be successful if we are not actively contributing to the quality of life for all southeast Ohio residents. So we have supported and continue to support hundreds of community organizations and institutions through our Community Outreach program, including the Dairy Barn Arts Center, Ohio University men's and women's athletics, school libraries, Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers-Big Sisters, United Appeal, Kids on Campus, area high-school athletics and programs, 4-H clubs, Athens County Children Services, Alzheimer's Association, March of Dimes and Homecoming events, just to name a very few.

On a Statewide level, the Ohio Board of Realtors has recognized this agency for its creativity and ingenuity in advertising and promotional efforts throughout the years. We think they are going to like our new face and our bright future very much, just as we know you will, too!

LCR Realty – the Home Team Advantage!